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We provide free training courses for our candidates and temporary workers via the Forma.Temp Fund, thus guaranteeing qualified professionals with the specific skills required by our client companies. In partnership with our Group’s training company, we also design tailor-made training courses for the client companies’ own staff and provide solutions to significantly cut the cost by assisting the client in obtaining funds from the main interprofessional funds.

  • Mandatory training: courses that respond to safety training requirements
  • Tailor-made courses: in conjunction with the client, we design and deliver courses for a company’s specific training needs to transfer targeted skills to the course attendees which will help new hires to integrate into the workplace.
  • Highly professional training: we offer our customers an innovative course with the aim of creating technical and management figures with mid-range skills.
  • Off-the-shelf training: we offer courses for both soft and hard skills, designed around the training requirements identified in the country. The offer is geared towards market requirements.


The extracurricular internship

The extracurricular internship, also known as a traineeship, is an active policy instrument aimed at enhancing professional skills, acquiring new ones and facilitating the trainee’s entry into the world of work.
The internship is not a working relationship, but rather a useful opportunity to guide the trainees in their career choices based on the specific provisions of the various regions in which the internship takes place.

The extracurricular internship is intended for:

  • The unemployed
  • Workers who benefit from social safety nets or income support
  • Workers at risk of exclusion from the labour market
  • Employees seeking new jobs
  • Disabled and disadvantaged people

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