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Staff Leasing

Contract-temporary work

Temporary work is a flexible tool used to introduce resources recruited and hired by inJob into any company but who work for and are supervised and managed by the client. The administrative management of the worker remains, therefore, the responsibility of inJob, which handles the worker in full compliance with the regulations in force.

The initial contract and any extensions, which may be of varying lengths, allows us to meet the client’s interim needs, whether they are related to contingency reasons, such as increases in business or replacements for staff on leave, or are a way of getting to know individual workers with a view to hiring them directly at a later date if the possibility arises.

It is a type of contract that protects agency workers who are on an equal pay footing with workers of the same position employed directly by the client.


Staff leasing

Staff leasing is a leasing contract whereby inJob hires the worker for an indefinite period of time based on a contract with the client with no time limit, but with the possibility, once the guaranteed minimum term has expired, to withdraw at any time at fixed intervals and, above all, at fixed costs, both of which have already been established in advance.

The main advantage for the client company is the possibility of taking on qualified and motivated workers hired by the agency with an indefinite contract and made available under a highly flexible type of contract. Since it has no time constraints on maximum duration, and no need for extensions or justifications, it can be used indefinitely as required.

When the client decides to terminate the staff leasing relationship with inJob, it can hire the workers directly at no cost or leave them with the agency, which will then reintroduce onto them onto the job market while paying an availability allowance.

Staff leasing also includes apprenticeship contracts that help the client and job applicant to grow on the one hand and acquire experience on the other. This may then lead to conventional staff leasing or direct hiring by the client of an individual who is already perfectly trained for the job they will be taking on.

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