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By RPO SERVICE (Recruiting process outsourcing) we mean the outsourcing of the head hunting and recruiting process to an external company.

Being able to rely on a partner specialised in HR service management – with proven expertise in terms of skills and tools – is the factor that is critical to the company’s success.

Our methods are based on people’s experience and the ongoing quest for efficiency.

Implementing an outsourcing service is a strategic choice aimed at the reinforcing recruitment and employer branding processes and guaranteeing time frame and cost reductions by increasing in-house productivity indicators.

There are two main elements that we focus on in differentiating our solutions: identifying the best recruiter with industry-based and/or profiling experience and developing digital solutions that optimise the work processes.

One or more recruiters may work from within the company’s headquarters in close contact with the HR department while an external task force will support the creation, input and update of the sector-based databases.


What are the drivers behind the people strategy?


  • Cutting down the time to hire
  • Increasing the vacancy fill rate
  • Cutting down on the cost to hire
  • Improving the quality and efficiency of the process by identifying and measuring quantifiable KPIs defined with the customer (requirements, number of insertions/months, time frame, etc.)
  • Identifying a wider network of potential candidates
  • Boosting employer branding through targeted and ongoing actions
  • Focusing on in-house resources to develop the core business without wasting energy on multiple tasks
  • Outsourcing the head hunting and recruitment process of personnel without affecting the company’s headcount

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