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Head hunting and recruitment

For over twenty years, inJob has been a qualified partner specialised in head hunting and identifying the best solution for both the client and job applicant, with a strong consultancy approach geared towards each individual requirement.

In an ever-changing and competitive market, the quality of a tailored service is what makes the difference. Our network of professional staff bridges the gap between job opportunity and talented resources, by overseeing the head hunting process with different levels of complexity and specialisation (from first time job seekers to head hunting professionals and middle management).

Permanent Placement:

We handle the head hunting and recruitment process while tailoring the quality of all the steps in the process:

  • Analysis of customer needs and requirements.
  • Profile evaluation and analysis of Attraction channels.
  • Selection of candidates: interview/testing/assessment.
  • Updating and Reporting.
  • Presentation of shortlists and support for Client/Candidate interviews.
  • Placement: management of the offer to the candidate and follow-up.


The service that allows us to assess the hard and soft skills of entry-level and experienced candidates in both the hiring and in-house assessment stage.

We use a variety of tools that can be integrated into your process and create tailor-made solutions based on the requirements:


  • Group assessment
  • Individual assessment
  • Development assessment for in-house employees
  • New hire recruitment assessment

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